2016 –

Master student in Textile And Surfaces Design, Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin/DE

2012 – 2014

Master In Visual Arts, University of Chile, Santiago/CL

2007 – 2008

Bachelor in Pedagogy in Arts, University Finis Terrae, Santiago/CL


Digital graphic diploma, Pontificie Catholic University, Santiago/CL

2004 – 2005       

Bachelor in Visual Arts, University Finis Terrae, Santiago/CL

Seminars, Residencies and Awards


Awards from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Chile (Dirac) through the Embassy of Chile in Germany, Chile/CL

2017 – 2018

Künstlerhaus Bethanien Studio Program. Berlin, Germany, Berlin/DE

2015 – 2016

Workshop Casting and Plaster, BBK, Berlin/DE

2014 – 2015

Glogauair residency, Berlin/DE


1st Prize, Fobeju Contest

Honorable Mention Award, APECH Contest/CL


Annual residency Bloc.

2008 – 2009

Tutoring with the artist Rodrigo Canala.


Seminar «Exploring the Mind» (conducted by the Dalai Lama along with other scientists)

Solo Exhibitions


On weaving a basket. Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin/DE


“Vanishing Objects”, WHITECONCEPTS Gallery, Berlin/DE


“Into the Ring”, Showcase GlougauAir residency, Berlin/DE


«Details from Heavens and floors» for Fotoamerica Biennial, Cian Gallery. Santiago/CL


«Blue and land”, Cian Gallery, Santiago/CL


«From the root», Library of Santiago. Santiago/CL

Two persons Exhibitions


Twin infinitives» with Leonardo Casas. Madhaus Gallery. Santiago/CL

«Searching for Memory» with Rodrigo Goenaga. Balmaceda 1215 Gallery. Santiago/CL

Group Exhibitions


“The X”, 10th anniversary show. Whiteconcepts Gallery. Berlin/DE


“Chilean Conexion”. Acud Gallery. Berlin/DE

“Science and Poetry in Art: A Saucerful of Secrets”. Gallery Montoro12. Brussels/BEL

Watch Your Bubble!. Project of Art & Science. Kunstverein Tiergarten Nord. Berlin/DE Rungang Weißensee Kunsthochschule. Berlin/DE

Open Studio Künstlerhaus Bethanien III. Berlin/DE


Open Studio Künstlerhaus Bethanien II. Berlin/DE

Fieber Festival. Meinblau Projektraum. Berlin/DE

Open Studio Künstlerhaus Bethanien I. Berlin/DE

“Raue Strömung». Eigenheim Gallery. Berlin/DE


“Embodiments“, Exhibition + Conferences, WHITECONCEPTS Gallery. Berlin/DE

“Private Walls”, private house, Kreuzberg. Berlin/DE


“Fieber Festival”, ACUD. Berlin/DE

“GlogauAir Open Studios”, GlogauAir. Berlin/DE


“GlogauAir Open Studios”, GlogauAir. Berlin/DE

«Angstrom» MAC (Contemporary Art Museum) of Valdivia. Valdivia/CL

«Call 2014» Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia/ES

«Angstrom». D21 Gallery. Santiago/CL


Exhibition Fobeju competition.» Jewish Cultural Centre. Santiago/CL

«Exposition collective». Monteolivetto Gallery. Paris/FR

«Latin American Diversity Group exhibition» Building General José Artigas. Montevideo/UY

Art3f art fair, represented by Galleria Monteoliveto, Promenade des Anglais. Nice/FR

«Muses and angels» Engraving and Research Mexican Association. Coyoacan/MEX

“Pop Digital», Chilean Cultural Center for the Arts. Santiago/CL.


«Resistance Museum», Gallery Daniel Morón. Santiago/CL.

“International Biennial», Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires/ARG

«Urgent Paradise» Resistance Museum Gallery Daniel Morón in Local Gallery. Santiago/CL

«Pairs Project» Exhibition APECH, Artium Gallery. Santiago/CL

«I Binational Visual Arts» Gallery Vinatea Reinoso. Arequipa/PE

«In Violet Tones» Duoc Extension Center. Valparaiso/CL

“Jewels of the Apocalypse», Floating Gallery. Buenos Aires/ARG

«MM 62-12», 50ème anniversaire à l’artiste consacre Marylin Monroe, Monteoliveto Galleria. Nice/FR

«Exercise Workshop» CAC (Contemporary Architecture Centre). Santiago/CL

«Latin American Art» Casas de lo Matta Gallery. Santiago/CL

«Copper Colors » Codelco. Santiago/CL

«Songs of Love and other passions of romantic origin vol II», Local and Lowenthal Gallery. Santiago/CL


«From Fine Wine» SWT Gallery. Santiago/CL

«Myths», Fundaçao Memorial of Latin America. Sao Paulo/BR

«International Catalog » Museum of Fine Arts. San Martin, San Martin/ARG

«Florence Biennale» 2011. Florence/IT

«Latin-American artist in NY» Jadite Gallery. New York/USA

«Jewels of the Apocalypse». Lima/PE

«Who knows where the time goes, Cian Gallery. Santiago/CL

“ArtExpo art fair”. New York/USA

«Pairs Project,» Artium Gallery. Santiago/CL

«Violet tones» Nemesio Antunez cultural Center. Santiago/CL


“End of residence Bloc” Bloc. Santiago/CL

«Second International Meeting in Ushuaia Art» Art and Maritime Museum. Ushuaia/ARG

«Latin American Art for the Bicentennial» Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires/ARG

«In Violet Tones», Mapocho Station Cultural Center. Santiago/CL

«Art from recycled materials» Anahuac cultural center. Santiago/CL


«I am a tool.» for n200, artenlinea, Moto Gallery. Santiago/CL

Art fair Dornbirn/AT

“Theater am Kirchplat” Schaan. Liechtenstein/LI

 “Group exhibition”. Monaco City/MC

«Write your story» foundation Pampero. Santiago/CL


«Chapingo Biennial of Contemporary Art», Chapingo Autonomous University. Chapingo/MEX

«Contemporary Myths», Santiago Library. Santiago/CL


REMIXER Plug’n, Gallery BECH. Santiago/CL

«Ready, Set, Go» Cultural Center of Spain. Santiago/CL

«No more nails» Tegualda space. Santiago/CL

«Small Chile», Gallery Ana Cortes. Santiago/CL

“Selected artworks of extension courses», Catholic University Extension Center. Santiago/CL


Group exhibition, Paseo El sol, ecological community. Santiago/CL

Group exhibition, La sala gallery. Santiago/CL